Dashboard for Amazon Seller Central

Dashboard for Amazon Seller Central

Amazon provides entrepreneurs with several chances to sell things and expand their businesses. You have access to a big audience and can handle practically your whole business in one place. However, if you’re new to the marketplace, you may soon get overwhelmed by all of the features of your Amazon Seller Central Account. To that end, we have put up a tutorial to assist you manage your Amazon Seller Central account. The Amazon Seller Central dashboard provides you with an overview of numerous critical areas of your business and its success. To buy this account check¬†BuyAmzAccounts. The dashboard has the following functions.


The “Your Orders” area displays essential information regarding recent client orders that you and Amazon both completed. It shows how many pending and unshipped orders you have, as well as any client return requests. If you see anything suspicious, click “View your Orders” to get to the Orders page.

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Payments Summary

Amazon pays you every seven days, with a 14-day waiting period. Pro sellers are paid every 14 days with no waiting time. Payments Summary keeps track of the money you owe Amazon and displays your most recent payment amount. You can busy this account from BuyAmzAccounts

Amazon Selling Coach

Amazon Selling Coach tells you on your inventory levels and current sales data, as well as providing some useful advice about things that sell rapidly. It also informs you on which goods you should consider extending delivery choices for. If you agree with Amazon’s recommendation, you may click “restock,” and Amazon will automatically buy additional of that product for you.